Restore Surfaces Without Damage

Company History

New England Softwash Solutions was established after years of looking for a better method of exterior cleaning than power wash units that were messy and just ineffective. During that time we discovered THREE  important things:

1. The only option seemed to be “power washing”

2. Our customers complained that the “clean” effect was not long lasting

3. Power washing was damaging the surfaces of what we were cleaning. FINALLY we discovered Softwashing. This revolutionary new way to remove unsightly stains on those exterior surfaces is exactly what we were looking for. Softwashing utilizes such low pressure it can also be used on some interior surfaces. Softwashing is the superior way to treat your most valuable asset. We chose this system specifically for its GoodSteward theology and promise to the environment. The entire process from the solutions we use to the system we apply it with were all designed around being environmentally responsible.

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Our Promise

Our softwash services restore roofs and surfaces without any damage to the property or environment. Softwash technology is efficient, environmentally responsible, and effective.

Soft Washing


The revolutionary and only alternative to power washing to remove stains from many exterior and porous interior surfaces. Low pressure, battery operated pump systems are used in combination with specially formulated surfactants and detergents to treat stains, black streaks, moss,lichen, algae and fungus. It is THE MOST environmentally friendly way to clean the surfaces of your property.

Surface Pathogens

Dark spots and streaks on your roof are more than just dirt and what is thought to be “nail run”. Those streaks are caused by a harmful bacteria and it is actually decomposing your roofing materials with its filament like root system. The green spots on your roof is algae and that is feeding off the limestone in your shingles which causes premature decomposition and aging. These microorganisms feed, grow and infect your roof. Over time this will cause thousands of dollars of damage and premature failing of shingles if not removed. Our process will prevent premature re-establishment of these pests. This is a widespread problem throughout NewEngland.  

surface organisms



We are a zero-impact green company whose methods do no damage to the environment. Our cleaning treatment solutions are Water based, non hazardous, Low VOC (volatile organic compounds), 100% biodegradable, animal and human friendly, plant friendly. WE LEAVE NO CONTAMINANTS BEHIND. Our equipment uses the lowest possible pressure- between 50 and 80 P.S.I. (the equivalent to that of your garden hose!) to protect your roof, siding and other delicate surfaces. Our low pressure system CONSERVES water by using 1/3 of the water necessary to “power wash” the same surface. Our equipment is battery operated and QUIET and DOES NOT run on fossil  fuel

"If you're power washing STOP you're doing it wrong! "

Why is Softwashing Superior to Power/high Pressure Washing?

Power washing uses high pressure in an attempt to clean and remove the organisms living and feeding on your shingles. High Pressure harshly removes the top layer of microorganisms. High pressure also loosens and washes away the granules that make-up your shingles, exposing the underlying mat resulting in leaks and damage. High pressure washing MAY NEGATE THE WARRANTY ON YOUR SHINGLES. Softwashing is more than just “cleaning”. We treat those pathogens attached to the surface of many building materials (shingles, brick, wood concrete etc.) to prevent re-infection and re-growth. Power/high pressure never really solves the issue of infection, it simply removes the visible layer and spreads it to other areas.